Shock and Success

It’s a rainy and dreary day at the homestead.

In between sprinklings, the boys and I took a wander around to see how our fall crops were doing.

The peas, broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts are all doing quite well. They brassicas have survived the bug attack and seem to be a bit hardier.

wpid-img_20141002_095325_338.jpg wpid-img_20141002_094139_940.jpg


The beans are producing scads every day. I can hardly keep up with them. We eat them just as quickly with a little beef base and homemade dry onion soup seasoning. Mmmm.


I pulled out an artichoke only to find that they are not quite ready. It’s small, bouncy ball.


But the biggest surprise came when the kitties got home from their “operation” at the vet. Apparently, instead of having a boy and a girl…we have two ladies. That’s right, Boots is in fact a girl. And I (foolishly) thought all tabbies were boys.

wpid-img_20141002_102256_094-12.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_20141002_102054_883-13.jpg.jpeg

That’s 0 for 2. I was wrong about having a rooster too.


Sprinkling rain does fall
Dibble, dibble, dibble, dop
Produce is thriving

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