My gardening crew and I headed out to the swale yesterday to plant a tree and to finish pruning and cleaning up the swale.

Joe was eager to get out there and start digging with “my very own little shovel”…as he put it.


The chilly wind and reddening leaves told us that fall is not an illusion…it’s really here.


We planted a black walnut tree in the northernmost section of the swale and did a bit more pruning.


When we finished mulching the tree, Joe wanted to go check the broccoli we planted for the fall harvest.

Charlie led the way through the swale.


Every day he has asked me if the broccoli is ready yet…his fingers itching to pull it out of the soil.


He’s so eager to pull something out of the ground. I keep telling him to be patient, but yesterday it proved to be too difficult. He just couldn’t resist pulling a small cabbage head.


He fed it to the chickens.


Everything looks so green in the fall beds. The peas are coming in, some of them ready to eat. So crisp and sweet.


Almost every broccoli start we planted has a head forming…some of the cauliflower too.


We trudged wearily back to the house.

Windblown and red-cheeked
Anxious for the cozy warmth
Eager for our lunch

wpid-img_20141028_104545_779.jpg wpid-img_20141028_104539_887-1.jpg

With the coming frost, it is time to dismantle the watering system and finish the preparations for overwintering the chickens.

A friend who has birds opted not to keep his this winter.

These gals are lucky they are still laying.


Lucky little hens!
Protected from winter winds
Warm, safe in your coop

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