November Activities

The leaves have all changed color
October, how quickly you run
November comes barreling in
Time for Thanksgiving and fun

It will come as no surprise that we did not get to all of the October activities. Again, the days just went by too fast.

November. Colorful. Thanksgiving.

The Halloween crafts we did were a lot of fun. We made a pumpkin out of construction paper and spiders out of styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners.


We also did some impromptu salt dough ornaments. With different shaped cookie cutters and cups, we baked the dough and then colored the finished shapes with crayons and markers. I think the boys had more fun making the dough than they did coloring the finished ornaments.


Last year for our Thanksgiving craft we made placemats out of construction paper. We’ll make them again this year to see the improvement and we’ll also add cork tree painting into the mix.

I’m going to modify this monster letter swatter game by decking out a magnifying glass like a turkey. Joe and Jake each will have their own and Joe will focus on site words while Jake focuses on letters.

We started to prep for the safety drills by watching videos on tornado and fire safety. This month, with the nice weather we are having now, we’ll actually start to map out and practice these drills.

The Ghost Rockets were a giant disappointment. We tried several times to get them to work but all they ended up doing was making a mess on our driveway.


This month, we’ll try working with balance and suspension. Ray’s mom brought a game over called Suspend when she came to visit a few weeks ago. It’s a Melissa and Doug creation and all the kids had a blast playing it.

We are going to try to create our own game using straws, tape, string, paper clips, and a small cup. It won’t be as intricate, but I think it will be just as fun for the boys.

The number learning activity we did for Halloween was so much fun!

First, we read a book that Joe and Jake already had called In the Haunted House.

Next, we made our own haunted houses on black construction paper and numbered the windows.


Then, we cut ghosts out of paper plates and numbered them. Joe stuck the numbered ghost on the corresponding numbered window.


Joe’s ghosts. 🙂


For November, we are going to try number/counting activity that I found at the blog Always First Grade.

Economic math

It’s so easy! All you need is a paper grocery sack, a list and some paper “groceries”. With Joe, I’ll work on counting and with Jake, I’ll continue adding new words to his vocabulary. They love to play store so I will even set up a mini-mart in our living room.

We will also take a field trip to the grocery store to practice this game for real.

Much fun we will have
November will be awesome
It will go by fast

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