A Great and Terrible Harvest

We harvested our first head of fall cabbage last week. It’s not a big one, but it is sweet and crunchy and will make a tasty Chinese Cabbage Slaw.

wpid-img_20141027_114942_520.jpg wpid-img_20141027_121419_428.jpg

Over the weekend, we picked our first fall broccoli…much to Joe’s delight. He has waited im-patiently for the harvest.



I’ve been waiting for the brussel sprouts and cauliflower to show their heads. I haven’t seen either of them and the broccoli and cabbage have been producing for awhile now.

While I’m pretty sure the rabbits obliterated the cauliflower, pictured below is the most promising brussel sprout. The rest have been chewed on even more than this one and will probably not amount to anything.


And then we have the peas. The poor, poor peas.

Falling prey to two thieves, greedily gobbling them up.


Only to be savagely attacked by frost…the ill-fated and luckless peas.


We probably won’t get much more out of the peas since the frost has come in, but we should get a few more cabbage heads and a couple of broccoli are well on their way to the dinner table.

Unfortunate peas
Brutally attacked by thieves
And death by the frost

2 responses to “A Great and Terrible Harvest

  1. Joe looks real happy-that reminds me to get our cabbages out of the garden bed before the bugs eat them and before we lose those too. Hoping my son remembers it well so he’ll look forward to next season 🙂

  2. Yes, Joe was very excited to have that broccoli and I think he may have snuck a few little ones after eating that one. LOL!

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