Family Portraits

With love and with some sidewalk chalk
Joseph drew us all
Some of us were very large
Some were very small


He drew the dog, he drew the cats
He gave us eyes and hair
He gave us all a great big nose
Some not round, but square


Charlie the dog

Then he stood back and looked at us
His family he had drawn
He grinned with pride, he laughed with joy
Then ran out in the lawn


As I watched him run and skip
My heart was filled with bliss
I dashed outside and caught him up
Gave him a little kiss

The years fly by, the days are long
And sometimes I forget
To stop and play, be silly–laugh
So I have no regrets

We love them heaps, we cherish them
We only want the best
So I will treasure every day
And know how much we’re blessed

One response to “Family Portraits

  1. Awe, first Garth Brooks’s new song and now this. Sniff….sniff

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