Prepped for Winter

The chicken coop is now fully ready for the cold and snow.

This past week, we put insulation up on the North and West sides of the coop to protect against the bitter winds that are soon to blow.


The noisy work sent the chickens to the far side of the of the pen. huddled together in fear. A few brave birds clucked angrily at the home invasion, oblivious that all preparations were an effort to keep them warm all winter.

The final step was to wrap the pen in heavy-duty plastic. No more peeking out the window to see what the girls are doing, but hopefully this measure will keep the snow out somewhat.


I’m not sure we will move them again until Spring, so their food intake will increase dramatically. Moving them every few days has been beneficial to their diet, our soil and our wallet…especially since we are going to try organic feed.

No more will the girls graze
Soon they will start to get bored
Welcome to winter

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