Mischief Makers: Mini Marshmallow Madness

Nim and Lil had just returned to the Durbin’s after reporting to Santa. They were a little tired from flying back through snow and wind.

“We have to come up with something really good tonight,” said Nim.

“I know,” Lil sighed.

Nim and Lil were disappointed. They had hoped their tricks and stunts would be special, but last night they heard that many of the other elves had done the same thing.

Apparently, twirling around the tree with a roll of toilet paper was  a favorite among the ranks.

Nim and Lil flitted around the kitchen, looking for inspiration. On the second lap around, Lil saw a bag of mini marshmallows and knew exactly what to do.


“Marshmallow fight!” she whisper-shouted to Nim.

Nim just had time to react as he dodged a mini marshmallow hurled at his head. He looked around wildly, searching for the marshmallows so he could return fire. He spotted them on the counter and the great fight began.

They got marshmallows everywhere.

Spilled on the floor, sprinkled on the couches and peppered on the stairs. Lil rocketed around the kitchen, bumping into cabinets and spilling marshmallows everywhere.

She stopped to rub her head after bumping into a stack of red solo cups and a plan flashed through her mind.

Nim was still bursting with glee, flying wildly around the living room and pelting marshmallows at the stuffed animals on the floor. Quickly, Lil grabbed a red solo cup, a marker, some shiny red ribbon and tape. She stashed her booty by the stairs and flew back to the kitchen to finish preparations.

Once ready, she darted to the living room where Nim had just crashed to the ground, exhausted from his frisking around.

“Gotcha!” Lil giggled, pulling Nim by the arms toward the kitchen counter.

“What are we–” Nim began.

“Get in the jar,” she ordered with a twinkle of mirth in her eyes.

Nim, looking at the marshmallows in the jar, jumped in feet first and Lil poured in marshmallows up to his chin. She handed him a sign and placed a note the marshmallowed countertop.

If it’s Nim who you seek
Then go take a peek
He’s buried chin deep
In a marshmallow heap



Once Nim was settled and stuffed with marshmallows, Lil set to work. She used a hole punch on the cup and pulled the red ribbon through. Then she taped the ribbon to the wall so that the cup hung down.

She made a final note and flew down to her makeshift swing…eager for morning to come.


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