Mischief Makers: Pesky Paper Pixies

Nim and Lil zipped around the kitchen throwing wrapping paper balls at each other, still thrilled with the kids’ reaction to yesterday’s pancake treat.

“The moms even liked the pancakes!” Nim said gleefully.

“Dodge this one!” yelled Lil as she lobbed an especially large paper missile at Nim.

Nim somersaulted through the air, whipping a well-aimed round at Lil’s hat. Lil twirled and hurled one at Nim’s feet. The battle raged for some time until both elves were huffing and puffing.

They sat on the counter, drinking sugar water, with extra sugar, and gazing at the mess they had made.

The kitchen was covered in paper balls. Ripped paper hung from the cabinets and streamed across the floor. Ribbon was scattered down the hallway.



“What next?” asked Nim. “Should we get the cotton balls out for round 2?”

Lil hooted with laughter. “I have a better idea,” she said floating down to the roll of paper on the floor.


Nim watched Lil start wrapping the cabinet doors. He whizzed up to help, trailing scotch tape behind.

They covered the cabinets with wrapping paper, getting even more on the floor and counters and wrapping tape around themselves.

When they were finished, the sprites hung above the stove to review their handiwork.

Both impish elves were well satisfied with the job they had done. Lil took a thick red marker and scribbled a note on the fridge:

“Deck the halls and wrap the cabinets!”

“Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la,” Nim belted out.


Nim then flew up to the watering can perched on top of the cabinets and got settled in for the wait.


Lil spun around singing the rest of the carol before landing gracefully on the opposite side of the kitchen.


“I’m so glad we get to work together this year!” whispered Nim.

Lil smiled and winked and they both anxiously waited for morning to come.



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