Mischief Makers: Remind, Remember, Rejoice

“I’m so tired,” said Lil, still recovering from last night’s jam session.

“Tell me about it,” yawned Nim, his voice a little hoarse from all the singing.

They were both sprawled on the couch in the living room, trying to think of something to do.

Nim and Lil gazed at the Nativity on the fireplace with it’s pretty wooden figures and twinkling lights. They smiled remembering what Santa told them every year on Christmas Day.

After all the presents had been delivered, and the elves rested comfortably sharing their favorite high jinks, Santa stood to tell them about the true meaning of Christmas:

Your mischief may be fun
But remember everyone
That Christmas Time is more
Than presents on the floor

A King was born this day
In a manger full of hay
Though He was very small
He’d come to save us all

He grew into a man
Who traveled ‘cross the land
He came here to fulfill
To carry out God’s will

So delight in all your play
Have fun planning every day
But in all your doings know
It’s Christ to this we owe

Nim and Lil sat quietly staring at the manger scene. In all their fun, they had not remembered to remind the kids what the true meaning of Christmas was all about. They smiled at each other, both knowing and rejoicing in what tonight’s fun would be.

They wouldn’t be mischievous tonight.

Tonight, they would remind the kids what Christmas was really all about.



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