Mischief Makers: Spectacular Singing Stars

Lil hummed softly to herself as she flew around the kitchen searching for something to eat. The sugar canister had not been refilled since their late snack the night before and both elves were in need of a sugar boost.

Nim, hearing Lil’s tune, started to hum along with her. Pretty soon, they were both singing and dancing through the air.

Lil picked up a paper clip and used it as a guitar and Nim used a pencil for a microphone. They were having so much fun that they forgot all about being hungry.

“That’s the jingle bell rock!” finished Nim in a fit of the laughter.

“We should start our own rock band,” teased Lil.

“Yes, we’ll call ourselves ‘The Elves that Groove’,” offered Nim.

“Or, ‘The Joyful Elftones’,” Lil said excitedly.

Lil and Nim chuckled and chortled, calling out possible names for their two-man band. When they tired of that, they each downed two shots of honey and started to pick up last night’s mess.

When Nim saw Lil flying to the toybox with the three dinos, a big goofy grin spread over his impish face.

“Why can’t we have a rock band right now?” he asked Lil.


“Santas and Elves!” shouted Nim.

“For the first time this side of the North Pole,” continued Lil.

“The greatest rock band in Santa’s Village…”

“Pixie Dust!” Nim and Lil both yelled.


And with three dinosaurs on backup vocals, Nim on the mic and Lil on the guitar, Pixie Dust entertained Santas of every shape and size all night long.

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