Mischief Makers: Zig Zag Zoom

“I don’t know Lil,” Nim began nervously. “After last night’s stunt we may not want to make such a big mess.”

Lil was pulling the wrapping paper off of the cabinets from the other day’s fiasco.

Lil smiled as she ripped and crumpled the red paper.

“Oh, come on Nim. They weren’t too mad about the spray snow. The kids thought it was funny and the moms didn’t seem to mind too much.”

“I don’t know…” said Nim.

Lil whirled around the living room, throwing wrapping paper bombs everywhere. Nim, caught up in the fun and forgetting his worries, pulled ribbon off of a spool and zig zagged it over the couches.

The elves made a pile in the middle of the floor of all the Christmas-themed books, coloring sheets and movies they could find.

They pulled out stuffed santas and snowmen and decorated a chair with an extra set of Christmas lights.


Once they had their fill of flying and fun, the two nymphs hovered over their mess on the floor.

“That should get them in the Christmas spirit!” said Lil.

“Now what do we do?” asked Nim.

Nim and Lil spun around the pile, trying to think of something good. Lil spied a box of candy canes on the table and Nim picked up a piece of ribbon from the tangle strewn all over the floor.

At the same time, Nim cried “Zip lines!” and Lil shouted, “Candy canes!”

Giggling, they both got to work.

Lil flew to the tree with four candy canes, one for each kid. She hid them in the branches.

They wrote a short little note to the kiddos and placed it in on top of the pile in the arms of a stuffed Santa.


Come take a look
And pick out a book
Gaze at the tree
And you will see
A sweet little treat
For all to eat
The treat is all the same
But you must find your name

Nim and Lil

Nim used the ribbon to create zip lines. Lil’s from the window to the fireplace, and his from a hanging light to the ceiling fan.

Both elves grabbed a candy cane and flew to their places.





“I can hear them laughing now!” squealed Lil.

Nim just smiled, hoping that Joe was the first to spot him.


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