Mischief Makers: Fantastic Film Flurry

“Oh!” cried Lil worriedly on their way back from Santa’s Workshop. “Did you see how upset Joe was when he saw you in the vacuum? And Jake!!!”

Nim nodded, rubbing the dent in his head from being stuck in the vacuum all night. He had never seen the boys so sad. He thought Nim was stuck in the filter forever…that he would never get out.

‘ “He got in there,” his mom had said. “I’m sure he will be able to get out and fly back to the North Pole.” ‘

But she hadn’t looked convinced. In fact, she looked a bit cross.

“We’ll just have to make it up to them tonight,” he said, trying to comfort Lil. “We’ll have to give them something fun to do.”

“But what?” asked Lil, tears in her eyes. “What can we possibly do to make up for distressing the kids so much?”

She had a sudden, horrible thought. “What if the moms ban us from coming back in the house??”

Nim didn’t want to admit it, but he’d been thinking the same thing. He’d never heard of it happening before…but still. They had to do something tonight that would make the kids happy and excited.

Nim would just have to hide the dent in his head under his hat.

“I know!” he said. “We can set up the living room for a movie night!!!”

They got to work.

First, they wrote a short note for the kids and leaned it up against a stuffed snowman.

A very merry Christmas show
Is hidden in this room
Just look above and look below
And you will find it soon

You’ll have to wait until it’s night
You’ll have to all be good
Obey, be nice, have fun, sit tight
And listen, as you should


They hid the Berenstein Bears Christmas Tree movie in the fireplace, wrapping it in ribbon.


Then Nim zipped into the kitchen and pulled some tape out of the drawer. He secured Lil to the side of the TV, adding ribbon and bells.

After that, he stuck a few pieces of tape to his legs, grabbed a piece of ribbon for his hat and peeked over the top of the television.


“This is really uncomfortable,” complained Lil. “My arm is going to get sore from hanging here all day.”

Nim burst out laughing. “At least you won’t get a dent in your head!”

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