Mischief Makers: Squibbles Squabbles Spats

Nim and Lil stood on the table glaring at each other. Never had Lil been so livid nor Nim so nettled.

Normally, the two agreed on each night’s plans. Sometimes Nim would decide and other times it would be Lil’s idea. They had never quibbled, much less, quarreled about the scheme.

Not so tonight. Tonight sparks crackled above their heads and glitter threatened to pour out their ears.

“Nim,” seethed Lil, attempting to calm down, “It’s my turn to come up with an idea so it’s only fair that we do it my way.”

“Lil,” returned Nim, trying to chill out, “It is only fair that we go with my idea.”

In disbelief Lil peeled, “What do you mean it’s only fair?”

“Well, it was you who stuck me in a vacuum!!!”

“That was days ago! And you weren’t that upset about it!”


Both elves huffed and crossed their arms, neither willing to give in or back down.

Lil wanted to stick her head through a box of rice krispies and impersonate one of the three gnomes: Snap, Crackle or Pop.

Nim wanted to hang paper lanterns all over the house and cheekily peek out of one.

Nim tried a different tack, and in a calmer voice said, “The cereal box thing has been done, Lil. I’ve never heard any of our friends talk about paper lanterns before.”

Lil considered Nim’s reasoning. It’s true, the rice krispie trick had been done before but had never failed to thrill and delight both kids and parents.

“Just look at this box of cereal though Nim,” Lil said, unwilling to let go of the idea, “There is an astronaut on the back! That has never been done before.”

Nim sighed as he turned to see Lil with her head poking out of the cereal box. His argument died on his lips and he gave a little chuckle.


“Alright, Lil,” he sighed. “Why don’t we just do different things tonight.”

Lil brightened and she agreed. “Yes! We won’t even be in the same house next year, so…”

Lil trailed off, suddenly realizing what she was saying.

“Nim,” she said sadly. “We won’t be in the same house next year.”

“I know,” Nim said quietly.

Their argument now seemed silly.

“But we can meet up at the North Pole and trade stories!” Lil said, brightening.

“That’s right!” agreed Nim enthusiastically. “We can even swap houses for a night or two. Won’t the girls be excited to see me again?”

“And won’t the boys love a visit from their old pal Lil?”

Nim cheerfully buzzed to the paper lanterns and burrowing into the snowman.


They smiled at each other from across the kitchen, both reassured that their friendship and shenanigans would continue into the next holiday season.


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