Mischief Makers: Careful Christmas Climbers

“We haven’t done anything with the tree in a while,” Nim said thoughtfully, thinking back to when they replaced the angel on top with a roll of toilet paper.

Lil looked at the white lights and twinkling angel. Nim was right, they hadn’t messed with the tree in a long time.

“We could hang these headbands all over the tree,” suggested Lil, holding up the four headbands they a had brought as gifts: two springy rudolphs for the boys and two boingy snowmen for the girls..

“I suppose,” said Nim without excitement.

They continued to gaze at the tree, mesmerized by the shimmering lights and sparkling ornaments.

Sparkling ornaments. That gave Nim an idea.

“Look!” he said to Lil. “A sequined Santa coat!”

Lil knew exactly what Nim was thinking. She buzzed around the tree looking for a matching Mrs. Claus ornament..

“I guess I’ll just have to peek out of the branches,” she said, a little disappointed that there wasn’t one for her.

“Nah,” Nim smiled. “I have a great idea for you!

They made a medium-sized mess with the Christmas bows as they created a “bow climbing” wall on the side of the cabinets for Lil.


Lil climbed up the cabinets, setting the snowmen headbands on top of the window ledge and using a fabric tape measure she’d found in the desk drawer as a harness.


Nim jotted a quick note for the kids and flew to the tree to get the Santa suit on.


He hung the reindeer from the tree first. Then tried to get in the suit. He had some difficulty getting it to fit just right and ended up having to stick his head through the hanger to stay in place.


But, the trouble was worth it.



The kids would have a little more trouble spotting him in the morning. He was sure of it.

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