A Loose Schedule

I’ve decided we need some semblance of a schedule, if only to get us out of pajamas before 3:00.

Now, I like a good schedule. I function better with order instead of chaos. I’ve heard that kids thrive on a schedule too…then I look at my boys and wonder.

A rigid schedule would be disastrous for their creativity. I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say it would break their spirit. Ok, maybe a little dramatic but you get my point.


But, a loose schedule would provide some structure and consistency without the stress of staying on task.


We wouldn’t have to rush to reading before fully grasping a math concept.

And, we wouldn’t have to stop playing outside because the schedule says it’s time to sit down for science.


A schedule would not have to dictate our days.

So, here’s our loose schedule

Rise and Shine
Breakfast, grooming, tv time

Morning Play
Educational games, reading fun, craftiness

Lunch and TV

Nap for Jake, hopefully a nap for Joe and downtime for mommy

Outside games, board games

Free Play
Kids play while Mom cooks dinner, cleans, blogs or reads.

It’s sure to change or even get thrown out all together…but it’s a schedule for me and consistency without restriction for the boys.

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