Step One: Writer’s Workshop

I’ve taken the first step in my journey into publishing and registered for a writer’s workshop on how to write and publish a children’s book.

Could it be any more specific to the journey I’m on?

The workshop is an intro into the world of children’s books and genres, as well as a peak into the research behind and process of submitting work for publication.

The instructor, Dawn Malone, has been through the process and is the author of Bingo Summer, published in Spring 2014.

I’m excited for a number of reasons.

One, I will learn more about how to hone my skill, how to become a better writer.

Two, there might be an opportunity to share my work, get feedback and constructive criticism.

But perhaps the most exciting part? I’m not just talking about it, writing about it or thinking about it…I’m doing it. I’m actually taking that first step.

And that feels pretty good.







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