Garden Sketches

I’ve sketched out the gardens
I’ve colored them in
I’m getting excited
To finally begin


There’s broccoli and carrots
Some cabbage and sprouts
Squash, beans and okra
And lettuce, no doubt

We’ll tend to the fruit trees
We’ll trim and we’ll prune
We’ll plant more companions
For pests there’s no room

The borage so purple
The marigolds, bright
Together these warriors
Will win the pest fight

The plans are completed
And now with great speed
I’ll look through the flyers
And pick out my seeds!


5 responses to “Garden Sketches

  1. Wow, those are impressive! I feel like such a slacker now. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Thanks! I’m excited to plant borage everywhere this year. It did wonders keeping the Japanese beetles away from our plants last year.

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