Aronia Woes: A Poem

I’m just reading through some of my early blogs and pulling out a few of my favorites. Here’s one of my favorite garden poems.

a pinch of homestead

Aronia, Aronia, what makes you so sad?
Your leaves are so droopy and you’re looking bad.
No pests and no vermin are listed online,
Oh give me a hint, a clue or a sign.

Perhaps it’s the birds, the squirrels or deer,
Or is it the rabbits or coyotes you fear?
What can we do to put up a fight?
To stop all this wilting, this chewing this blight.

If it’s the deer, oh what can we do,
To halt the attacking, and start you anew?
Would human hair, soap or spray even work?
Or something more drastic to hinder this jerk.

I vow not to give in, to leave you to die.
I must fight, I must hope, continue to try.
I’ll find out what eats you, I’ll battle this pest.
Just keep hanging on, and I’ll do the rest.

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