Snow Play

The big freeze finally retreated, letting the warmth of the sun in, and letting us out to play.

We were all giddy.

We built a snow hill with the bobcat and the boys (big and little) took turns sailing down the hill and across the drive.

We threw snowballs at each other.

We built snowmen.


The cats were right there with us, skittering around in the powder and enjoying the sun.


Charlie, not amused by their enthusiasm, tried to put a damper on the party…


…but Boots won out.


We opened the coop up to let the girls stretch their legs and even tried to get them outside with a few kitchen scraps.


But most of the time they huddled inside the coop, basking in the sunlight.


Since making the garden sketches, I’ve been itching to get started. I took the warm turn in the weather as an opportunity to walk around each area while the kids were playing.

I snapped a lot of pictures, but everything looks pretty much the same…barren and white.

wpid-20150115_111604-1.jpg wpid-20150115_110936.jpg

When I think of how this blanket of white will soon be a multi-colored quilt, I smile and itch to start planting.

Soon and very soon.

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