Audrey and the Bubblebath Kids – The Original Story

Audrey and the Bubblebath Kids are a product of my 5-year-old imagination.

I vaguely remember the adventures we had together. My mom loves to tell me about the time we forgot them at the store. Luckily, they caught up and jumped in the car or we would have had to go back.

I’ve always wanted to write a story about them, but wasn’t sure how to put an educational twist on their shenanigans.

Then, it came to me. Just like with the mice in my Adventures in Homesteading series, I use the characters as a tool to teach about cooking.

Here’s the intro story.


Audrey and the Bubblebath Kids
Originally posted on 9/12/14 and illustrated by my mom.

In a yellow house with blue shutters lived a girl named Audrey.

Audrey liked many things.

She liked eating strawberries.

She liked swinging and sliding.

She liked twirling round and round in the sun.

But there was one thing she liked to do more than anything else…

Audrey loved taking baths.

Audrey would find any excuse to take a bath.

If she was eating icecream…she would bite off the bottom of the sugar cone and let the gooey mess drip drop all over her.

If she was playing outside, she would find a mud puddle and jump and twirl through the muddy mess.

Her mother would just shake her head as she started the bath water.

She would sigh as she poured the bubbles into the tub.

She would smile knowingly as she placed Audrey in the water.

And once Audrey was in the water…well, that was when the magic would happen.


It all started the day Audrey came home from school covered in chocolate.

Her mother just shook her head with a small smile.

She went upstairs to start a bath, Audrey trailing behind her.

“I bought some new bubblebath to try,” she said to Audrey.

Audrey looked at the bottle. It was a pretty purple bottle with the smiling, happy faces of little bubbly kids on the outside.

It smelled like grape bubble gum.

Audrey’s mom poured it in the tub and bubbles instantly bounced all over the water.

Big, beautiful bubbles with all the colors of the rainbow dancing across their surface. .

“Hmm,” said Audrey’s mom. “These bubbles are thicker than usual.”

Audrey smiled in wonder as she held a bubble in her hand. It was thicker than a normal bubble.

Maybe it was her imagination, but Audrey could almost see something floating in the bubble. No, not floating, swimming.

Audrey gasped in surprise and looked at the bottle again.

The little, tiny something looked exactly like one of the bubbly kids on the bottle.

Smiling face, webbed feet and hands with bright yellow crowns on their heads.


There was one in every bubble, all smiling, spinning and swimming around.

A smile spread over Audrey’s face. They were so cute, so tiny. Who were they? What were they doing in her bath?

In a squeaky voice, one of them spoke.

“Hello, Audrey! We are the Bubblebath Kids.”

“Bubblebath Kids?” she asked. “But where did you come from?”

Three bubbles bounced over to the edge of the tub and the kids in them pointed to the bottle of soap.

In a sing-song voice all of the Bubblebath Kids sang:

It’s magic kind of soap
It never runs dry
We’ll always be here
When the water reappears

And when the water drains
We all enjoy the ride
We jump and splash and play
But we never go away

Audrey looked at the bottle. The smiling faces that had been there just a few moments ago, had all disappeared.


“Wow,” she said in awe.

The Bubblebath Kids all laughed…a tinkling, jingly, bell-like sound.

“We are going to have lots of fun together, Audrey!”

The very next day, Audrey and her mom made cookies. Sugar cookies with sticky icing.

They got the recipe from a cookbook called Kids’ Treats. 


First, Audrey made a fantastic mess with the cookie cutters.


Then, she got flour all over the counters and floor.

When it was time to add sugar, butter and food coloring…Audrey turned into a sticky pink and blue monster. She was covered head to toe in flour, sugar and food coloring.

While the cookies baked, Audrey and her mom headed up to the bathroom to clean up.

When her mom went to get a wash cloth, the Bubble Bath kids bounced to the surface with jingling laughter.

“Oh Audrey! What a wonderful mess you are!”

The water was already turning a light shade of green as the food coloring washed off.

They splashed and splished and sploshed until Audrey was squeaky clean.

“What were you laughing about?” asked her mom as she handed Audrey a towel.

“I was playing with my new friends,” Audrey replied.

“Oh,” her mom said with a twinkle in her eye. “And who are they?”

Audrey pointed to the pictures on the bottle. “They come alive when you put the soap in the water.”

“Ah. And what are their names?”

“The Bubblebath Kids!”






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