The Handyman

We have a little handyman.

It all started when I measured the spot I wanted my new filing cabinet to go. When Joe saw me measuring and heard me mumble the measurements, he instantly knew that he needed to measure everything in the house.

My finger, the desk, a block of cheese, the refrigerator, a stuffed giraffe, a book and almost every construction truck in his room.

He takes this very seriously.

While he measured the kitchen drawer, he had a look of determined concentration on his face. After a few minutes of adjusting the tape measure he announced that it was 42″ long.

I thought it was cute and then my husband said, “What if you make a list of things for him to measure?”

So today, I made a short list of things for him to find and measure. Then, I had him write the number down, say the letters in the word and say the word while holding the object.

Of course, the first thing Joe measured was the list of things to measure. According to Joe, it was 8 inches long…very close the actual measurement of 8.5 inches.


I got excited. Uncle Ryan had shown him how to use the tape measure correctly, and he was already copying the form.

We focused on relating letter combinations to words, words to objects and recognizing numbers on the tape measure.

For example, B-O-O-K spells book. The book is 9″ long.


Because he was interested in it and because we made it a game where he had to go and find each object, he had fun with it. He saw purpose in it.

By the end of the activity, which I kept short enough for the attention span of a 4-year-old, he was pretty proud of his work…especially writing the number 10.


I love my little handyman
He travels round the room
He measures all the things he can
Like tables, chairs and brooms

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