Measuring and Matching

We have jumped on the Bob Books bandwagon. The words are simple, the sentences short and it is easy to adapt the books to site word games and other reading/writing drills.

Rather than just reading the book over and over and over again, we can act it out, play site word bingo, match the words, play hopscotch, adapt old maid, go fish and so on.

Here’s what we did today.


First, I made flash cards of each word in Set 1, Books 1 and 2. I also wrote all of the words on a piece of cardboard.

Using one flash card at a time, I asked Joe to tell me what the letters were. We sounded out the words together and then used them in a sentence.

After that, I had him match the words. He did a great job!

Finally, we read the books.


Handyman Joe decided the words needed to be measured too. Using his measuring tape, he told me how long each word was in “lines”. We worked on the correct unit terminology as well, but he’s getting it.

We were incorporating math into our reading game thanks to Joe. Pretty neat.


His attention waned when he saw the marker and wanted to write letters. He wrote some of the words on a blank index card.


When he got bored with that, he drew pictures of the family.


Some of us were smiling, some frowning and a few of us only had one eye.

By letting him lead the game, we incorporated reading, writing, math and art all into one 20 minute activity.

The best part? It didn’t seem like a chore. He was learning through play.

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