Melt, Freeze, Moult

The boys and I braved the arctic chill today to take a peek at the swales.


Most of our snow melted yesterday, which would normally create a small lake in our yard. The swales, however, soaked up that water and are full to overflowing.

At least, they will be when the ice melts.



We saw some animal tracks in the yard as well…a good reminder to beef up security for this year’s garden season.


The snow mountain in the front yard is not much smaller and as it melts, it will seep into the vineyard where the grapes, hops and kiwi will soak it up.


Before heading inside, we stopped by the chicken coop to check for eggs.


They are only about a year old, but it looks like they are already starting to moult.


It’s not early Autumn or late Summer, the time chickens normally go through their first moult, so we are a little concerned.

They are also making weird noises. Noises I’ve never heard them make before.

Of course, this could just be my overactive imagination, but we are researching and trying to determine if the girls need an early graduation to the freezer.

Our poor little hens
Shedding their feathers too soon
Could they be moulting?

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