On Your Mark, Get Set…

Per my carefully planned schedule, I’m a little late getting the first round of seeds started.

Last year, I stressed out and panicked anytime I was behind schedule.

This year, I’ve vowed to just “go with the flow” and not worry too much about missing a date here and there.

The garden will grow whether I’m on time or not.

I started the first round of seeds today. I used a store brand seed starting mix that I caught on sale, but will probably make my own this year as well.


I set up the trays, filled them with the mix and pulled out my stack of seeds.

Sweet Chocolate Pepper
Sweet Pepper


Joe was supposed to be napping.

But, when he tiptoed out of his room and saw the dirt and the seeds…he asked if he could help too.

How could I deny him?


The process took a bit longer than normal with my little gardener helping…but I didn’t mind.

He had come just in time to put the seeds in, so I gave him a measuring spoon and carefully counted out three seeds per cell. He dumped them in, making a “bloop” or a “pshhh” sound each time.


Once all of the seeds were in, we used the same measuring spoon to sprinkle a thin layer of soil over the top, just covering the seeds.

Then it was time to water them.

We had to be careful not to get too carried away with the water, so I filled a small dish and gave Joe a “squirter” (a syringe used for Children’s Tylenol). He had a blast!

Joe was not quite ready to relinquish his “squirter” when we were done watering the seeds.


I took the tray downstairs, turned on the seedling heat mat and switched on the grow light.


Once they sprout and get their second set of true leaves, we’ll transport them over to our neighbor’s greenhouse. Hopefully by then it will no longer be brutally cold, and we’ll be able to start seeds on a larger scale in the greenhouse.

Peppers and cabbage
Deliciously sweet and hot
Colorful and crisp

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