Sprouts Springing

Last week I started the first round of tomatoes, and the second round of peppers.

Two flats of everything from plain ol’ beefsteak to Mr. Stripey.


I’m happy to report that some seeds have transformed into seedlings, popping up through the soil.

We have some tomatoes…

wpid-20150303_102931.jpg wpid-20150303_102941.jpg

…and a few first round peppers peeping.



The first round cabbage were the first seedlings to emerge, followed closely by the pepperoncinis. I’m hoping that this year will be the year for peppers. The past two years have been very disappointing in the pepper department.

Happy little seedlings
All planted in a row
Green and spindly, fragile
But stronger as they grow

Later this week I’ll be kicking off round two of the tomatoes, some basil and a half flat of broccoli.

Seed (see planting guide) Ind. Dir. Rnd 1 Rnd 2
Habanero x 2/18 2/24
Sweet Bell Pepper x 2/18 2/24
Habanero x 2/18 2/24
Sweet Ital. Pepper x 2/18 2/24
Cabbage x 2/18 2/24
Jalapeno x 2/18 2/24
Pepperoncini x 2/18 2/24
Ground Cherry x 2/24 1st week Mar
Beef Steak x 2/24 1st week Mar
Rutgers x 2/24 1st week Mar
Black Prince x 2/24 1st week Mar
Mr. Stripey x 2/24 1st week Mar
Burgess Climbing x 2/24 1st week Mar
Heirloom Rainbow x 2/24 1st week Mar
Basil x 1st week Mar NA
Broccoli x 1st week Mar NA


6 responses to “Sprouts Springing

  1. Looking good 😀

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  3. I started my tomatoes in January, as per the recommendation for zone 7a. They are now over a foot tall and I won’t be able to set them out for another couple weeks at least. Needless to say, I have a tomato jungle in my office and will definitely be adjusting my seed starting dates next year!

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