Numbers, Letters and Shapes…OH MY!

We’ve had a busy couple of days what with the mislaid plans to clean the whole house, the valiant effort to get caught up on laundry and the abandoned resolution of finally getting the kitchen cabinets organized…I’m exhausted just thinking about all of the tasks I’ve left half done.

But…I’ve had a good time playing with my boys.

Monday, I wrote numbers for Joe and drew shapes for Jake on pieces of styrofoam. I dumped out a bag of golf tees and handed each of them a toy hammer from their toolsets.


I told Joe to say each number, count out that number of golf tees and hammer them in.


While he was busy with that, I asked Jake to hammer a golf tee into each shape as I said them. He enjoyed it so much that we ended up playing this game 3 times while Joe was busy counting out tees.


Tuesday, I got out the giant foam letter puzzle and scattered the letters all over the floor. Then I held up a word from the Bob Books we’ve read so far and asked him to find the letters and put them together.

Next, I told him to jump to each letter, shouting it out with each hop.

Finally, he sounded the word out.

wpid-20150303_113306.jpg wpid-20150303_113928.jpg

We got through three words before he started to jump on each letter and shout it out. Jake, not wanting to be left out of the chaos, joined in by throwing foam letters all over the basement.

But, at least we had fun with letters and words.

After this rather exhausting activity, we went upstairs and I gave Joe a sheet with words from the Bob Books and Jake a few coloring pages. Joe traced each word twice, then wrote it on his own.


After he’d finished, he wrote his name at the bottom and ran to watch Super Why with Jake while I finished making lunch.


And today, after a hectic trip to the grocery store, we are going to celebrate National Reading Month by curling up on the couch with a few good books.


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