Herding Chickens

What a difference a week makes! Except for the “giant” sledding hill in the front yard, most of the snow has melted, filling our swales and leaving a few puddles in the yard.


The boys and I went outside the other day and, with expert skill, splashed and played in the mud.


Meanwhile, Charlie, although he didn’t realize it, herded the chickens around the kitchen garden. They clucked and puffed out their feathers as if highly offended by this treatment by a dog who was almost their size.


Most of the ladies high-tailed it back to the coop, waiting for him to go inside and glaring at me for laughing at their plight.


We walked back to the pastures to check the swales. The snow and ice were melting and the swales and spillways were full and brimming.

wpid-20150309_115448.jpg wpid-20150309_115856.jpg wpid-20150309_115742.jpg

We even saw a few trees with new growth.


After we came inside and got cleaned up, we went downstairs to check on the new chicks and see how our seedlings were doing.


The girls were bunched together. They are just about ready to move to the garage and into a bigger container.


Some of my tomato seedlings are getting “leggy” which means they are growing tall too quickly. When it’s time, I’ll need to transplant them to deeper containers and make sure to put the starter mix well above the root ball to prevent sagging tomato plants.


The good news is that the first round cabbage and tomatoes are developing their second set of leaves. Once these true leaves are fully rolled out, it will be time to transplant them into bigger containers and prepare for planting outside.

Winter is all but vanished
The sun, it shines so bright
The snow will soon be banished
In Spring we will delight

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