The Greenhouse

I started two more flats of seedlings in my neighbor’s greenhouse yesterday. It used to be their in ground swimming pool, but they’ve drained it, tiled it and put a greenhouse over it.

It’s impressive.

I felt small standing in the center of it, imagining row upon row of plants, starts and seedlings–exotic plants that cannot be grown in this climate, but have a chance inside this magnificent building.

There is a business opportunity there as well. Working together, we could make a bundle selling starts, especially unique varieties.


There are two tanks in the middle that hold water and will be used to grow fish and eventually for an aquaponics system.

Aquaponics is a combination of two systems: hydroponics and aquaculture. Both methods use water to produce food or fertilizer–hydroponics for plants and aquaculture for fish and other edible water dwelling creatures.


I started two flats of seeds. Round 3 of tomatoes and jalapenos, and round 1 of broccoli (2 varieties) and cauliflower.

Seed (see planting guide) Indoor Direct Sow Round 1  Round 2  Round 3
Habanero x 2/18 2/24 NA
Sweet Bell Pepper x 2/18 2/24 NA
Sweet Ital. Pepper x 2/18 2/24 NA
Cabbage x 2/18 2/24 NA
Jalapeno x 2/18 2/24 3/9
Pepperoncini x 2/18 2/24 3/9
Ground Cherry x 2/24 NA NA
Beef Steak x 2/24 2/24 3/9
Rutgers x 2/24 2/24 3/9
Black Prince x 2/24 2/24 3/9
Mr. Stripey x 2/24 2/24 3/9
Burgess Climbing x 2/24 2/24 NA
Black Cherry x NA NA 3/9
Heirloom Rainbow x 2/24 NA NA
Cabrase Broccoli x 3/9 NA
Broccoli x 3/9 NA
Snowball Cauliflower x 3/9 NA

Two flats of starts look like A LOT on my little basement table. But in this massive structure, my two flats looked positively puny.

Teeny tiny trays
Miniature and absurd
A laughable start

8 responses to “The Greenhouse

  1. Chrissy Layton

    Swimming pool greenhouse! That’s so cool!

  2. Repurposing at its best!

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