Pullets on the Loose

Saturday was gorgeous. The sun was shining, the birds were clucking and we were all enjoying being outside.

While Joe and I watered the plants in the greenhouse, Ray and his dad were busy cleaning out the coop. The hens were running around, eliminating potential threats in the back gardens and the pullets were exercising in the big playpen.

I’m not sure they knew quite what to do in their new environment. They mostly huddled in the back, looking around furtively.


There were a few brave ladies who came out of hiding to get a drink or peek around the plastic.


And, once they found the scratch feed, they forgot their fears and chowed down.


We let the big girls roam all day because we knew that on Sunday, the cold would come hurtling back with the wind.


Pretty pullets on the loose
Soon they’ll join the hens
We’ll introduce them to the crew
With hope, they’ll end up friends

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