Easy Does It

I’m trying hard not to take on too much this year. The garden season always comes with new and exciting ideas to try. Just looking at my Pinterest board makes me eager and overwhelmed at the same time.


There are just so many things out there.

So many seed varieties.

So many new techniques.

So many hours in the day.

So many…

For the past two years I have started out the season with a pledge:

“I will not take on more than I can handle this year.”

For the past two years…I’ve taken on more than I can handle. Thinking, “Oh, it’s just one more small project. I can handle it.”

I’m not saying it will be any different this year. We are already talking about adding a pond, getting ducks, propagating plants to add to the swales and getting a couple of turkeys (I hope my husband was kidding about the turkeys.). All this in addition to planting, maintaining and harvesting our annual garden.

But, I am pushing myself to see everything we have done since we moved in 3 years ago.

We have swales.


We have trees.

We have raised beds.

We have chickens.


We have a kitchen garden, a strawberry patch, a vineyard and a fedge.

We have gained knowledge every step of the way.

So when a project doesn’t get completed in the season. It’s not a failure…it’s just put on hold until next year.

Next year, when “I will not take on more than I can handle.”





5 responses to “Easy Does It

  1. I just need to move next door and share in your harvest.

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