Greening Up

A storm rolled through in the wee hours this morning.

Rain and thunder.

Big, loud claps of thunder.

Our dog was freaking out.

Our boys were fast asleep.

A few hours later, I poured myself a cup of coffee and stared out the kitchen window. I smiled as the steam rose and the cup warmed my hands.

Everything was green again.

Just a few days before, the grass had been crunchy and brown.


One heavy rain came and spread a bright green blanket over our whole yard.


Our perennials are working hard to catch up.

The strawberries are taking over and the rose bushes are sprouting new leaves.


The hostas are fighting up through the rocks.


And our kiwi plants are just starting to bud. I’m so relieved to see them returning. We’ve had terrible luck with these vines. Hopefully they will bear fruit this year.


Today, if the rain lets up, the boys and I will don our gear and take a stroll through the swales to see how our trees are doing.

After feeding and watering the chickens, we’ll trek over to the greenhouse and plant lettuce, cilantro, basil, rosemary and oregano. We’ll swing by the fedge on our way back to see how our berries are faring.

Later this week, we’ll sow onions, carrots and shallots in our garden.

Outdoor work is picking up
The garden life is growing
With boots and hat, we’ll go outside
More seeds we will be sowing

2 responses to “Greening Up

  1. Visiting from A/Z! Lots of work, but I bet you enjoy the fruits of your labors!


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