Hail to the Prince!

As I was watering the plants in the greenhouse today, I noticed one lone tomato seedling sprouting up through the wreckage of its frozen brethren.

Hail to the Prince of tomatoes! Push through your fallen comrades and show your new troops how to grow up strong and proud!


It’s too soon for the replacement seeds to be germinating. I think this was a seed that was being held back by the original plant.

The climbing vine tomatoes are thriving! As soon as they started to get some height, I would brush my hand over the top of them to simulate windy conditions. I think that may be why the stems are so thick and strong.


The broccoli I started on 3/9 has transformed from seedling into start. Soon it will be time to put these in the garden so I will not need to transplant them to a bigger pot.


Once they fill out a bit more, the tomatoes I started on 3/9 will also be ready to plant in ground or give away.


When I was in the greenhouse the other day, our neighbor showed me what they had done with the greenhouse tables.

They put heavy plastic down, punched a few holes for drainage and filled them with potting soil creating mini raised beds.

He said I could use one so I planted lettuce, cilantro, rosemary and basil. We are so thankful to have such generous neighbors!


At the beginning of the week, I started celery in the house.

I placed the end of a celery stalk leftover from dinner in a dish filled with water. The center is starting to grow already. Once it gets a little taller, I’ll plant it in the garden.


After planting onions and carrots today, I updated my seed start chart (Seed Start Guide 2015). Planting is going to start picking up in the coming weeks. By early June, everything will be in the ground and I will start to plan the fall garden.

Seeds in the ground
Plants all around
Greens, reds and blues
Oh so many hues!

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