It Was Hilarious

The chickens were out ALL NIGHT last night.

Ok, so they weren’t outside, but their coop was open while they snoozed on the roost.

When I woke up this morning, I watched them circle the playset.

They are such funny birds. They pecked at the ground and strutted around. They must have detected some invisible threat, because they suddenly high-tailed it back to the coop.

It was hilarious.


I should never have gone outside after that. I should have taken their strange behavior as a sign. A warning to stay indoors and in my pjs.

But…the sun was shining, the breeze was inviting and we were all ready to enjoy the day.

I dressed the boys, put their coats on and we headed out the door.

I stopped to peek at in the planter on the deck. Itty bitty buttercrunch lettuce seedlings that had popped up.


I smiled, excited to see them.

And that is when the day turned into a series of blunders.

First, I decided to move the pullets outside to the playpen while the big girls ran around.

A couple of the little girls escaped while I was transferring them to a smaller tote. I had to creep around the garage trying to find where the little vixens were hiding.

When I finally caught them, I pulled the garden cart out to the playpen. Several times the tote almost slid off the cart. So, I had to slow-mo out to the pen.

I picked up the tote and tried to gracefully place it inside the pen. I didn’t want them to fly out and escape again.

Not only did I look ridiculous trying to move the awkward tote, I ended up tumbling the girls into the pen as I fell down. Luckily, I only plopped in a pile of mud and none of the girls escaped or were injured.

As soon as they were in, they ran to the back. They were terrified of me…and for good reason.

I had traumatised the poor things.


While I was fighting this battle, Jacob decided to turn on the outdoor faucet up. I ran back to the house, tripping over my feet and getting even more muddy.

While I was drying Jake off, Joe managed to make a fantastic mess with the sand under the playset.

All of this happened within a half hour.

Muddy, frustrated and tired. I trekked back to the deck, sat on the steps and drank my coffee.

It was cold.


I tried to go outside today
To work and play, enjoy the day
Of course it was not meant to be
I think I’ll hide, or maybe flee

2 responses to “It Was Hilarious

  1. What a frustrating day! Still, you got a cute little poem out of it! Also, I hope your day got better after that! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Cheers!

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