Lettuce Emerges

The buttercrunch lettuce I planted in the greenhouse just last week has emerged.

It’s hard to see, but tiny leaves have popped up through the soil. It’s not too far behind the batch I planted in the container on my deck.


A few of the replacement tomatoes have also popped up, and the lone surviving Black Prince has developed its first set of true leaves.


The climbing vine tomatoes continue to impress me. I just cannot get over how strong they are. They are definitely ready to plant in the ground and their roots are starting to tangle so I may need to transplant them to a bigger pot.

I don’t want to risk losing them by planting outside too early.


I will plant a few from the brassica group outside next week. They are cold hardy and can handle the lower temperatures at night. Their roots are also starting to tangle so they’ll be happy to be able to spread out.





Except the jalapenos, all of the seeds I planted when we first moved into the greenhouse on 3/9 are doing well. I’m not too worried about the jalapenos. The first round of peppers took much longer to sprout than the tomatoes that were started at the same time.


The chives I planted two years ago has come back! The bright green spikes are definitely chives and have a delicious garlicky oniony flavor. Mmmm…baked potatoes.


Itching to garden
Outside with hands in the soil
And sun shining down

6 responses to “Lettuce Emerges

  1. Thank you! I’ve never grown the climbing vine tomatoes before and from what I’ve read they can get 12-25′ tall if you trellis them properly. The yield sounds amazing too. I’m excited!

  2. Visiting from A/Z; how cool with what you are growing that will eventually go into your garden outdoors! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the “fruits of your labors” come late summer and early fall!


  3. Discovered this while visiting on the A-Z and love your posts- esp the little poems at the end. Plan to do some homesteading myself in a few so will deff pop back!

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