News from the Front

I’ve sadly neglected reporting on what’s going on out front.

In fact, beyond occasionally peeking at the roses and strawberries, I’ve sadly neglected checking on the front.


And now for the news…

The Vineyard

Happily, almost all kiwis survived the winter. I’m still optimistic on the few that have not yet started to bud. It took awhile for all of them to get green last year.


On the way out to the fedge, I saw that one of my lilac bushes is budding. I don’t have hope for the other…the branch sticking out of the ground is gray and dead looking.


Walking a bit further, I found that the burning bushes, all three, are returning. They are even brighter and greener than they were when I planted them last year. The snow in summer is also starting to spread out between the tiny shrubs.


The Fedge

There is so much life and green out in the fedge!

The seaberries are rocking it.


The autumn olives are bursting with green.


The aronia bushes are going crazy!


That’s the news for today folks, join us again tomorrow when we’ll talk about cabbage and chickens.

The news has come in
The bushes are growing
In the garden tomorrow
We’ll talk about sowing

2 responses to “News from the Front

  1. I admire your fortitude in embarking on this homesteading adventure. I am garden-challenged, and somewhat ignorant, myself. I didn’t know you could grow Kiwi in Illinois. When I look at your pictures it brings the meaning of SPRING to life for me. Good luck with the homesteading AND with the A to Z challenge.

    • Thank you! We are 3 years in and learning more and more every year…every day really! The kiwi is not the fuzzy kind. It’s a cold hardy variety that tastes like a kiwi but looks like a large green grape. Good luck to you as well!

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