Quiet Morning

We had a quiet morning
With only Jake and me
Working in the garden
Planting, checking trees

Lettuce, herbs and peas
Raspberries, broccoli too
Then we let the chickens out
To see what they would do

We walked around
To check the trees
To make some plans
To pull some weeds

We worked hard all morning
And then throughout the day
At twilight we were tired
But played games anyway

The day so long and pretty
How we enjoyed the sun
The night so still and chilly
Our quiet morning done


Jake, planting a plastic bone


Raspberry shoots we got from a friend


The borage is sprouting!




A cherry tree...with blossums!

A cherry tree…with blossums!

Joe catching Jake in a net

Joe catching Jake in a net


2 responses to “Quiet Morning

  1. Lovely photos. Lovely day. My garden is still a mound of dirt and intention. Hope you’re enjoying A to Z.

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