We are stagger planting.

Every few weeks, we sow more lettuce, cilantro and other leafy greens so that we’ll (ideally) have a constant supply of fresh salads and herbs over the summer and as far into fall as we can.

We are also doing this with carrots and other root veggies that are a “one and done” producer.

Yesterday, I went to the greenhouse to plant another round of cilantro and buttercrunch lettuce.

I hadn’t been over in a few days, but all of my starts are still flourishing. Soon it will be time to start giving a few away and transferring a few to the outdoor garden.

I plan to ‘pot up’ a few tomatoes and peppers and leave them in the greenhouse environment to test production.


The lettuce and herb table I started a few weeks ago is beautiful to behold. Rows of bright green buttercrunch and the promising start of cilantro and basil.


For this round, I scattered more lettuce and cilantro in between the rows, filling up all of that wasted space. These are greens so I am not worried about overcrowding the produce.


Baby cilantro leaves are packed with that delicious and distinct cilantro flavor. I just had to sample a few of the new sprouts.

After scattering the seeds, I stopped by to water the other plants. The Replacements are growing quickly. One Mr. Stripey that was all but dead has made a miraculous recovery and already has a strong and stout stem.

There is hope for them afterall.


In this windy cold
Checking for eggs is brutal
Stumbling in the wind

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