Why Yes, Those Are Pipe Cleaners…

It rained all day Saturday.

On Sunday, the sun rose high making the wet grass sparkle and shimmer…an invitation to come outside to work and play.

We’ve had a giant pile of wood mulch hanging out in the fedge for well over a week now. The weather or time has been keeping us from spreading it.

The boys have a blast climbing, digging and burying treasure in it.


It’s not a matter of simply spreading the mulch. We have to pull the old mulch back, lay cardboard to keep weeds down, push the old mulch on the cardboard and then top it with fresh chips.

It’s time consuming, even with the help of the skid steer.

After an hour or so, we’d finished a small section of the fedge and started staking the thornless blackberries.

They’d gotten out of control last year, growing quickly and stretching out all over the place.

We tried to cage them, but it turned difficult and frustrating quickly, so we came up with another option.


We staked two posts on either side of the tangled plant, stringing two pieces of twine in between. Of course, we didn’t have enough twine for all three plants…so we used some string from the boys’ kites.

They have about 8 million kites, so they won’t miss it.

We couldn’t find anything to attach the vines to the string. So I raided my craft box until I found the perfect thing.

Why yes, those are pipe cleaners.

Dazzling sun shines
Down on sparkling, green grass
Rainy clouds vanish

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