Ex-traordinary Roots

I stopped by the greenhouse yesterday to check on all of my plants. I’ve been a bit overzealous with watering them…a bit paranoid that I’ll lose a few to thirst.

Now I’ve discovered that I was being so protective of them not getting enough water…a few of them now in the beginning stages of root rot and the leaves are turning yellow.


Luckily, not all plants were infected. I transplanted the ones that were and discovered that the roots were not yet rotted. They were beautiful, extraordinary and tangled.


In total, I transplanted 12 vining tomato plants. With luck, they’ll revive and the leaves will turn a bright, vibrant green once again.

After taking care of the tomatoes, I took a peek at the lettuce and herb table. The first round lettuce is quickly growing to full size and the second round is starting to poke out through the soil. I can’t wait until that very first salad of the season.


As I wandered back home, I stopped by the coop. We’ve moved it to the vineyard and charged the birds with the clean-up task before we spread more mulch.

We installed a few pieces of lattice for the hops to grow up. It looks nice and will look even nicer once the hops grows up the lattice.


Bright and sunny day
Chickens are in the vineyard
Boys are out to play

One response to “Ex-traordinary Roots

  1. Easy done – I lost a lot of cuttings to over watering this winter. Live and learn…

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