My feet slowly trudged to the greenhouse
Afraid of what I might find
I’d moved all my plants to the south side
They stood sadly all in a line

I opened the fence and I locked it
I cautiously walked to the door
The heat of the inside was stifling
My eyes slowly looked to the floor

To my great surprise they were living!
They’d changed back from yellow to green
I twirled ’round with shock, glee and delight
I’m sure that I made quite a scene

Everything else was still lovely
The lettuce still flourished and grew
Cilantro and basil delightful
I watered with my little crew


Recovering slowly. Too much heat and sun caused the leaves to yellow.



Lettuce going crazy! We’ll have our first salad of the season this week.



Basil smells great. We’ll have a bumper crop…if Joe doesn’t eat it all.



My helpers for the day!


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