Here, There and Everywhere

I started a lot of seeds in February.

Then some in March.

And a few in April.

I started them in my basement in my little seed trays, with my little labels under my little grow light.


When I ran out of room there, I moved them to the neighbor’s greenhouse and started even more seeds.

When I lost some of my precious starts to frost, I was upset. How would we ever have enough tomatoes to share and to can?


How indeed.



Now that I’m transplanting them to the garden, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of starts we have.

I’ve put a few boxes together for friends and family and still we have more.

I’m transplanting like it’s my job* but they only seem to multiply.

*Gardening is only a part of my duties and responsibilities as a full-time homesteader. Let’s not forget my other tasks: checking for eggs, herding chickens, cleaning up muddy little boys…the list goes on. 

Actually, they did multiply. Way back in February, I ordered plant starts from a local home nursery – mostly heirloom tomatoes and peppers. I had forgotten about this order until I got the email that they were ready to pick up:

Jalafuego Jalapeno: 2
Anaheim: 2
Padron Heirloom: 2
Krimson Lee: 2
Bushy Heirloom: 2
Green Zebra: 2
Moonglow: 2
Borage: 2
Papalo: 2
Sicilian oregano: 1
Stevia: 2

Rather than putting all my plants in one garden (pun intended), I’m following my own advice and planting my starts everywhere.

Here in the vineyard…


There in the swales…


And everywhere from fedge to strawberry patch.



A world of plants await you
A zillion different kinds
From striped to great green zebras
All peppers you will find

I hope to have a harvest
As big as what I’ve planned
To share with all and to enjoy
And get some ‘maters canned!

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