To the Brim

In 24 hours over 2.5 inches of rain poured down on our homestead. Our weather radio continuously bleated out warnings of flash floods, high winds and strong storms in the area.

We sat inside, watching the wind whip the rain sideways watering our garden and filling our swales.

During a break in the weather, we went out to explore.


The swales were brim full of rainwater.


The ponds Ray had dug out were filling up–working exactly how he had envisioned.

Run-off from the spillway on the south swale went into one pond, then the other.


By morning, rather than two small ponds, we had one large, glassy pond.

Both swales were filled and and overflowing into the spillways which were pouring out into the pond.

All of this water would have run over our property and out into the road had our swales not worked to catch and make use of the water.

Boys were running fast
Nature sounds all around us
A beautiful sight



4 responses to “To the Brim

  1. Nice when a plan works out. 😉

  2. Beautiful indeed!

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