Adventures in Homesteading: Skunked


“What is it Boots?” asked Lissa.

Boots, then Echo twined around Lissa’s legs meowing, their backs arched and hair on end.

“Oh come on, just talk to me!” Lissa said in exasperation.

It had been some time since the two cats had willingly hunted for Lissa. She had dealt with any number of pests and threats on her own. She sorely regretted sending the mice packing. At least they did what they were told.

Boots, then Echo sat down daintily on the back deck. Boots licked her paws while Echo settled comfortably on her side.


“There is a skunk in the garage,” Boots said matter-of-factly.

“A skunk!?”

Echo looked up at Lissa with a start.

“There’s no reason to yell.”

Lissa stared at the cats, her jaw dropping. After a few minutes of silence, she straightened her spine.

“Get rid of it.”

Boots and Echo looked first at each other and then at Lissa.

“Not in our job description.”

“I beg to differ. You live in the garage and there is an intruder. It is your job to take care of it.”

Both cats sprang to their feet with a swift swish. Their almond shaped eyes narrowed and they stared hard at Lissa.

“No,” they said in unison.

Lissa glared at them in disbelief, her face reddening in anger and frustration. She knew that she could not force these two to do anything they didn’t want to do. She had tried kindness, bribery and threats but nothing worked. Now she had to get rid of a skunk before it had a chance to stink up the garage.

She sighed.

“Bingo,” she whispered to herself. “I’ll show those two who’s boss.”

With a grim smile so as not to betray her excitement, Lissa turned on her heel and stalked back into the house.

The two sisters gracefully jumped off the deck and went to stretch in the sun.

Meanwhile, Lissa was inside putting her plan into action.

She grabbed a bag of mini marshmallows out of the cupboard and headed out front.

She opened the garage door slightly and made a marshmallow trail to the cats’ favorite spot in the vineyard.

When she saw the skunk peak out from under the garage door, she squared her shoulders and turned on the waterworks.

“Boots! Echo!” she yelled as she ran to the back of the house.

Boots and Echo lazily raised their heads and gave her a bland look.

“Yes?” they said without much interest.

“A family of chipmunks is in the vineyard, behind the pile of mulch!”

Instantly alert, the cats sprang to their feet anticipating a delicious feast.

Chipmunk was their favorite meal.

As the cats slunk slowly to the vineyard and disappeared behind the pile of mulch, Lissa watched behind the safety of the front door, hoping that the skunk had made it in time.

Suddenly, the cats hissed and cried. Lissa saw them jump out from behind the mulch pile and make a beeline for the garage. She was already waiting for them.

With an evil glint in her eyes, Lissa smiled.

“I guess it is my garage.”

Then she pressed the button, shutting them out in the stink.




4 responses to “Adventures in Homesteading: Skunked

  1. ROFL Too funny to be true.

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