Roots and Shoots

Overnight (so it seems), our garden has grown into a jungle. All of the rain we’ve had lately has supercharged roots and shoots providing an abundance of green growth.


Kitchen Garden

The mystery squash still grows in the kitchen garden. It’s started to take over the carrots and tomatoes so I’ve trimmed it back a bit but I am reluctant to tear it out completely. I don’t know what it is. I have my suspicions that it’s pumpkin, but no confirmation yet.


Random squash in garden


Squash taking over the carrots

The amaranth and borage are both flowering providing a beautiful contrast of purple and scarlet.


Raspberries we transplanted have survived and thrived with the wet conditions in the swales.


The comfrey we planted last year started to flower and was looking great…but the water got a bit too close and now the leaves are turning brown and wilty. Too much water? I think so.


The sunflowers and jerusalem artichokes are both climbing higher and higher and have outstripped the boys in height.


Around front, the rose bushes have started to spread. I found a new rooted bush growing a foot in front of the original bushes.


And the chicken wars are fully and finally over. Hostilities are at an end and, as long as there is a steady supply of watermelon, the hens have even stopped the dirty looks and squawking.

Our new girls have started laying eggs and we are getting around 10 a day.


Roots and shoots growing
The bird wars at an end
Flowers and buds are sprouting
To the garden now we tend

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