The burst of color.

The buzz of bees.

The smell of dill.

The sound of laughter.

These are the things that hit me when I step outside to walk through our garden, our swale, our vineyard, our fedge, our land.

My senses are overwhelmed and my heart is full as I watch the boys play and hide.

It is, in every way, breathtaking to behold.

Amaranth, fighting its way through the squash.

Amaranth, fighting its way through the squash.

Watermelon planted by Joe

Watermelon planted by Joe

Pumpkin in the back gardens...a volunteer from last year.

Pumpkin in the back gardens…a volunteer from last year.


Cucumber in the kitchen garden, another one secretly planted by Joe.

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes





Comfrey that I planted

Comfrey that I planted


Snake gourds…soft leaves and stems unlike the standard spiky squash.






…and more sunflowers.

The breathtaking beauty of the gardens pales in comparison to the joy of watching the boys play, discover and learn through, in and on the land.

They will grow up with this as their foundation.

And hopefully, they will look back with the same wonder and joy that they had while making these memories.


The boys in the yard
Beautiful and breathtaking
Surrounding us all

One response to “Breathtaking

  1. Great post and picts. The land looks beautiful.

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