Ripple Effect

For a moment, during the three days it didn’t rain, I was worried for the pond.

I was scared for the little tadpoles, frogs, dragonflies and other critters that had made their home in our watery hole.

The water was receding, not quickly, but each day.

Then it rained.

It rained and rained and rained some more.

The pond refilled.

The tadpoles abounded and pretty blue dragonflies skimmed the glassy surface.


As I walked around the pond, I remembered that the kids and I had scattered our patented seed mix a few weeks earlier. I took a closer look at the berm and was excited to see that some of the seeds had germinated and were growing.

Lettuce, cucumber, amaranth, dill, spinach, parsley and peppers were at various stages of growth.

wpid-20150714_112024.jpg wpid-20150714_112107.jpg

We’ll let most of these plants go to seed so that next year, they will compete with the weeds and grass for control of the berm.

With each season and each seed that drops, their numbers will grow so that one day, the entire berm will be full of veggies and herbs.

Growing veggie swales
A riot of greens and reds
Surrounding the pond


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