Broccoli Bandits

The kitchen garden is getting a little overgrown with fragrant dill, but I don’t have the heart to cut any of it out.

The boys love to play in their “hideout” or “cave” or “house”.


They crawl through tunnels and pretend they are spies whose mission is to seek out and capture beetles and worms.

They stay away from the bees, but always point them out to me.

“They get pollen,” Joe tells me matter-of-factly.


The dill forest is surrounding the broccoli and cabbage which, in this heat and humidity, has started to bolt. We’ve harvested a few bunches of broccoli and a cabbage so I’m not too upset about the boys pulling off the stalks and munching away as they play at “super spies”.

In fact, I’m not upset at all.

“This is a good snack, Mommy!”

Yes. Yes it is.


My little broccoli bandits can eat all they want.


5 responses to “Broccoli Bandits

  1. I’m jealous of all that big dill! Ours got flooded out. Hopefully there’ll be enough when the also-flooded cukes pickles start coming.

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