Chicken Trails

Since we’ve been moving the chickens out in the pasture, we’ve decided to replenish the grass they’ve trampled with our custom seed mix.


This round, we mixed dill, lettuce, cabbage, borage, carrots, parsley and catnip in a coffee can with soil and eggshells. Dill and borage grow quickly and easily in any soil type.

They are considered annuals but turn into perennials when they go to seed.

Our dill and borage forest can attest to that.


The kiddos and I headed out to the pasture with a mission: spread seeds on the chicken trails and bare dirt around the pond.

They had a blast.


A few handfuls made it into the chicken play pen too…a small reward for ending the egg strike..


The hens liked that.

wpid-20150715_191445.jpg wpid-20150715_191631.jpg

The chickens are laying again
Almost one egg per each hen
The eggs are so large
And we’re back in charge
But some are laid out in the pen

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