First Major Harvest

Yesterday, the boys and I collected eggs, squash, grapes, peppers and tomatoes…all in a single outing!

Cherry tomatoes were hiding
Nestled among the squash
Eggs and tomatoes for frying
Dark purple grapes to wash

Three little peppers were ready
Of red tomatoes a few
The prince grew small but steady
A beautiful purpley hue


We also trekked out to the fegde to look for blackberries and aronia berries.

We found a handful of blackberries, which the boys promptly ate. I only got one and that was with some bribery  negotiating.

The boys pulled a bunch of aronia berries. They ate just as many.

I’m not sure how they can stand eating them out of hand. I much prefer them with a bit of orange juice or in a smoothie with a touch of honey. It cuts the bitter and brings out the flavor.

Not the boys. They pop them in their mouth, getting dark purple juice all over their chins.

“Mmmm…these are good Mommy!”


We came away with a small cluster. The boys wanted to save them for Daddy to “make him feel better”. They are full of antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients and are a powerful cold fighter.


Clusters of berries
Soldiers to fight severe colds
Nutrients, attack!


While harvesting, we laughed and smiled
Giddy with the bounty we found
The day was warm, but not too hot
In the sun we twirled ’round and ’round

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