Berry Pickin’

Blue skies. Sun shining. Slight breeze. Perfect.

We were outside today picking blackberries and grapes. I never tire of watching the boys pick berries and hearing them shout “found one!” when a ripe berry catches their eye.

It warms my heart to see such joy and pride in their eyes over finding and picking a few ripe berries.

We hadn’t been out for a few days so the blackberry vines were loaded with juicy, ripe fruit.


Jacob, still not quite clear on how the ripening process works, likes to pick the red ones, hold them up to me and say, “Is this one ready?”

I say no and he throws it aside only to pick another not yet ripe blackberry and ask the same question.

In order to stop this cycle, I point him to the berries that are ready and he picks them saying, “I found one Mommy!”


For once, we came in with a bowl that was almost full.

And yes, that is the cat’s tail. Boots was ‘helping’ by purring, twining around our legs and rolling around where we were working.


We found a few ripe grapes over in the vineyard. The boys love to go out here for snacks now that the strawberries are done. Joe, for some reason, eats only the meat of the grape and takes great delight in slurping it out of the skin.


Since the mint is now starting to flower, I am going to cut a bunch of it and make a kettle of tea. I’ve heard that chocolate mint tea is delicious and soothing right before bedtime.


Chocolate mint tea
Sounds so very delicious
Or, a mojito

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